A comprehensive checklist for transport your car in India

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You can easily avail car transport service from the reputed car transport company in order to get your car shipped at most affordable and reliable manner. Car transport in India is specialized for shipping your vehicle over long distances keeping you stress-free about the safety and ensuring the timely delivery of your vehicle. The car shipping process is not at all difficult but you need to keep in mind a few points for a hustle-free process.

A Comprehensive Checklist for Moving Your Car in India

1. You need to hire the best car transport company that offers a wide range of services as per your budget and preferences. Check the customer’s reviews on various websites to see if they have made their customers satisfied through their services. Examine various factors to make sure that you are not dealing with a scammer or unreliable company that drives your car instead of loading it in a truck

2. Prepare your car before sending it for relocation. By preparing a car implies that you need to wash your car thoroughly so that any kind of dents or scratches are easily visible after the shipping process.

3. Generally,  the prices of car shipping may vary depending on the weight of your car. So, remove all the unnecessary and unwanted items from the car like speakers, air fresheners, etc. 

4. Many companies try to trick you by charging hidden fees or surcharges at the end of the process. So, confirm it on a prior basis to avoid hustle at the last moment. Also, confirm the fees and different modes of payment for your convenience.

5. Compare different car transportation from each other based on their experience, reputation, insurance coverage, and customer satisfaction. Don’t prioritize quotes for hiring a company as many of the companies with lower prices do not offer enough services or do not have a customer service department.

6. Make sure that you get an insurance certificate from the car shipping company that assures the complete amount for the repair of the vehicle if it got damaged during shipping. 

7. Do not overfill your car with fuel as it may increase the weight of it that might increase the amount of charges for the shipping process

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