How can I transport my car to another state in India?

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How can I transport my car to another state in India?

If you’re planning to sell your car or wanting to bring it with you when you move to a new city or go for a long vacation, you’d think of driving it there yourself. But after a little bit of thinking and research, you’ll find that it’s much better to transport it there with the help of a car transport service, because who wants to drive a car for hours and hours on end! 

Whatever your reason for car transportation may be, we are here to help you! Here are some helpful tips for smooth vehicle transport across states-

The first thing you may wanna do is to find a credible and esteemed car transport service. You can look them up on the internet or you can ask your friends and acquaintances for suggestions and referrals. Filter out the potential service providers using your budget and their accessibility. Make sure that the agency is registered and has insurance. Don’t forget to check their online customer feedback and reviews! 

There are several factors that might affect the cost of shipping your car. If your car is heavy and bigger in size, it is probably going to cost more. And as you’ve already guessed, it will obviously cost more if it’s a long-distance move. Costs also differ based upon the type of carrier you choose. An open-air carrier is cheaper than an enclosed carrier, but we all know that an enclosed carrier is much safer. 

After deciding what company you’re going to hire, you must prepare your car for the ride! 

Inflate the car’s tires and make sure that your car’s battery is fully charged. Ensure that there are no accessories or devices in your car. It would be even better if your car is totally empty. Don’t forget to check the glove compartment and other section for any other valuable items. 

(One little tip- take pictures of your car from all angles. This way you’ll be aware of the existing dents and scratches on your car, and if it gets any new damage, you’ll have proof!)

There are several other ways to transport your car to another state, too. 

If you’re driving a truck to your destination to move your goods, you can hook your car to the back using a car trailer. And yes, it’s as unsafe as it sounds. You might get dents and scratches on your car and it’s simply quite dangerous. 

The other way is to hire a driver. The driver can drive your car to the destination along with all of your stuff in the car. The only drawback is that it’s quite expensive and it will add miles to your car. 

We’d still say that hiring a car transport service would be a lot better for various reasons. A premium Car Carrier Service like Best Car Transport can help you safely transport your vehicle from one state to another, all across the country. We have special safety features installed in our custom-designed trucks to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t get damaged during the process. You can constantly keep a check on the movement and location of your car, owing to our customer service professionals and the GPS access provided to you. You will be allowed to keep your car keys while it’s being transported, so you can be in charge of the situation and feel more secure. As you can already see by now, we give special care and attention to our clients and their vehicles.